Persol 3113S
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Black/Crystal Green Polarised Lenses
Code: 3113S955857
$340.00    $323.00
Havana/Crystal Brown Polarised Lenses
Code: 3113S245757
$340.00    $323.00
Ebano E Oro/Brown Lenses
Code: 3113S10243357
$270.00    $256.50
Terra E Oceano/Grey Lenses
Code: 3113S10223157
$270.00    $256.50

  • Description

    If you're hunting for the perfect sunglass that echoes individuality, the Persol 3113S is for you. 

    In 1917, Giuseppe Ratti, Italian photographer and owner of Berry Opticians, created Persol Sunglasses in order to accommodate for the needs of pilots and sports drivers. Determined to provide maximum protection, comfort and flawless vision, Ratti’s creation revolutionized the industry of sunglass wear.

    Persol, originating from “per il sole” meaning “for the sun” has advanced over the years and has developed to not only satisfy it’s customers demands for lens technology but presents a wide range of luxurious shapes and styles.

    Soaring above its competitors and providing class and protection for extreme conditions, Persol boasts the worlds best for sunglass wear.  

  • Lenses & Frames

    Persol Lenses & Frame

    Lenses: The first Persol lens was fashioned in order to meet the needs of outdoor professionals such as pilots and mountain climbers. Offering the highest clarity, Persol lenses are made of crystal glass which is not only the clearest lens to look through but also the most scratch-resistant. Made from organic materials, Persol's polarised lenses offer protection from reflective glare such as glare that reflects off the road and the water/ocean. For minimal squinting and the best protection for your eyes, Persol's polarised lenses are hightly recommended.

    Frame: All Persol frames are handmade with acetate. This is a high-quality material that is sturdy but flexible in order to mould to different face shapes. Persol acetate frames are created from cotton flowers. The final product maintains it's natural properties - allergy free and pleasant on the skin for optimum comfort. 

  • Accessories

    Persol Accessories

    Persol Accessories

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    Persol Warranty

    Persol Warranty